Day 19 – Family Ways to Consecrate for 21 Days #DanielFast2018

Almost there. Almost there. Just a few more days (including today).

I hope as you grow closer to the 21st day of this period of the #DanielFast, you have learned the importance of family engagement during the consecration. Consecration is strengthened when it is in the company of fellow believers. I have shared with you ways to involve your family.  I pray that these ideas have helped you. Now that your children are exposed to consecration, fasting, and prayer from an early age, they are familiar with what to do as they get older. If they ever need to set aside a time of fasting and prayer to themselves, they will have the strength to do it without the company of other believers. In that case, they learn to lean on Jesus.

Morning Devotion

Read James 1: 2-16

We have referenced the book of James in a previous post. There is a central theme in James regarding the fruit or profit of the believer’s faith. This passage begins the book of James and it starts out as a warning about what faith will attract. Your faith attracts temptation. Let me say that again, YOUR FAITH ATTRACTS TEMPTATION. You can’t miss that James points out that the twelve are scattered abroad. James means to encourage the believer that though temptation is present (Romans 7:21-25), we should do the work of righteousness. The work of righteousness leads to the crown of life.

Today’s Faith Sight Word

TEMPTATION.  I won’t attempt to define this word in my own words. Temptation comes in so many different forms, I would fail to define it succinctly. The word tends to have a negative connotation. But all desire is not bad. There is a way to ensure that your temptations remain pure and acceptable.

Delight yourself in the Lordand he will give you the desires of your heart. – Psalm 37:4

Since desires and/or temptation begin in the heart, it is important that your relationship with Christ is strengthened. You can survive the trying of your faith when you cling to the Creator. What you love, you will cling to.

Recipe for the Fast

Strawberry, Kiwi and Raspberry Treat

1 cup of strawberries

3 kiwi (peeled and sliced)

1/2 cup of raspberries

1/2 gala apple

Add all ingredients in the blender with ice cubes. Scoop out into a bowl or cup. Enjoy!


Repeat as many times during the day as you remember it.

My faith is made perfect in my weakness. Though I stumble, I will not fail. Not one temptation is a match for my Savior. He won the victory for me. It is already done! My heart’s desire is to reflect God’s end goal for my life. Heaven is my destiny.


Recommended for ages 6-16 years old

Keisha Cane and Her Very Sweet Tooth by Ashley and April Foxx

Since we are talking about temptation. I should mention my worst temptation…SWEETS.  This is a cute story about a young, mischievous, late night cookie grabber. This story pinpoints some of the difficulties in having a temptation. Your temptation may lead you down a road that you may or may not ever have gone had you just leaned on Jesus. Resist temptation! Or rather keep your hands out of the cookie jar (I could just be talking to myself but that is okay.)

Feel free to tell us about your experiences during the consecration in the comments below.

If you haven’t shared these posts with your friends and family, I encourage you to pass on the blessing. Thank you.

“Heirs Together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.”

This Family is His Family.

Love Your Legacy,

Mrs. Q.

One Year Ago Today


This blog, Notes and Commentary, was born one year ago today.  Looking back on that first post really enlightened my perspective on this anniversary. Because I started, I have something to look back on. Because I started, I have lessons to share. Because I started, I am closer to where I want to be. And because I started, I am not where I used to be. Celebrating the success of starting!!!

We started Notes and Commentary sharing about jotting down the ideas, experiences, and notes on our lives. That focused evolved within the year. We realized our strong love of faith, family, and community is our worldview. The emphasis on noting is still present in the content. The blog reminds us of what God is speaking to us. “Notes are birthplaces of ideas. Notes are content” (Written in that first post).

Within the past year, I started a notebook I labeled “Big Idea Binder” and I asked God to help me stay mindful that I cannot abandon the ideas just because they are not ready to be birthed. I wrote them in the binder and I asked God to teach me to trust Him that He will guide me to bring them to fruition in his timing. ACTION ITEM: Make Your Big Idea Binder. Insert every idea that comes to your mind. Pray over these ideas and ask God to lead you into the next step for each of them.

June is my birthday month and that is what led me to start the blog in June. I promised myself I would write every day for thirty days. Well, I couldn’t keep it up for thirty days. I only wrote eleven posts in June 2016. But 11 is still more than 0. I share that to encourage the writer reading this post. Leave Your Zero Today. (That will preach!)

Here are a few things I learned giving birth to a blog.

  • Just Keep At It. It doesn’t have to be long or brand new content. Use your notes from past experiences. Read and write about what you read. Help yourself by reading blogging insights.
  • Create messages that inspire readers to act. I try to add an action item in all my content.
  • We can research for too long. You will not know everything there is to know about blogging when you start. Most of your development comes from trial and error. So just get started!
  • Use your notes and ideas for yourself and stop giving them away. It is okay to be selfish.
  • Accept help and ask for help. You don’t have to do this alone. Several people offer free information online. Reach out to a fellow blogger. Join a blogging community. I joined a Facebook community of Christian Women Communicators led by Kia Stephens and I love it!
  • Pay for resources. Why do we starve our creativity by being stingy with helpful purchases?
  • Educate yourself. Take some courses on software. Pay for consultation time. Read the fine print.
  • WordPress is not that simple. (Mind you, if I had done the previous action well before I started my blog, I may think differently.) Theme searching is nerve racking. I think new bloggers just wants to load the software, get the theme and get creating. Why does it have to be so hard?
  • Market yourself. Tell people that you are writing (I need help in this area.) Shy doesn’t sell.
  • Support other writers. Publish helpful resources. I often share the resources of those people I follow because it is helpful to me. Michael Hyatt, Natasha Robinson, Jonathan Milligan or Jeff Goins do not pay me a dime to drop their names in my post. Their information is helpful to me and so I share it with other writers. I was never involved in competitive sports. I hate feeling like I am in competition. If God disliked voices being heard at the same time, we would never have heavenly choirs. Be in concert, rather than competition. The role for creatives to play is to find those with whom you can collaborate and advocate for your respective messages in unison.

Henri Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage.”  I also think it takes consistency. I set a goal to write for thirty days last June. Well, that wasn’t a realistic goal. I had a two-year-old in the home and I just started a new job. So I failed in that 30 – day writing goal. By next June, I will have a better sense of my blog schedule and routine. My goal in this next year is to write more consistently in my worldview and establish myself as an authority on the topic of Family and Servant Leadership for communities and non-profit organizations. Notes and Commentary will become a resource hub and so the blog is going to share more applicable information with our audience. More action items! More how-to-teach content.

So there you have it. I have shared our journey from a reflective point of view.

Jeff Goins is right. One year later, I am so happy that I started.

Happy Birthday Blog!