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Heirs of This Family blog began in the hearts of married, ministry leaders Tyrone and QuaWanna “Nikki” Bannarbie.  Both military veterans, they met overseas while working in the church.  Together, Tyrone and QuaWanna are a force to be reckoned with.  Their dual military veteran status attributes to their level of experience in several areas of service and leadership.  Both have a love for community and desire to give greatly of themselves and their resources.Couple Close-up

Often during intimate dialogue, the two would share several tidbits that they have observed as a growing couple regarding marriage, service, giving and community. Many of these talks would end with either of them stating, “we should keep these things in a notebook.” You are now reading the notebook.


Tyrone D in YellowTyrone Bannarbie is a man of vision.  His wife calls him a “Jamaican Prince”. Others know him to be a wise man, greatly loved and a student of truth. He loves reggae music, curry chicken and the smell of the outdoors after a good rain.

Anniversary Picture
He hails from Clarendon, Jamaica but his family relocated to Texas when he was a youngster. He was a former tri-athlete in track, football, and basketball.  His decision to join the Navy eventually led him to two of the greatest rewards in his life, Jesus Christ, and his wife for life, QuaWanna.

Tyrone is a community builder.  An older brother to his natural siblings, he is a natural brother to many sons in the body of Christ. He loves barbecuing outside in the backyard, fishing on a quiet evening and spending quality time with his queen. He is a thought-provoking communicator, articulates the mysteries of scripture with ease and loves to visit a nearby mall just to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

Tyrone studied Organizational Leadership and Management at Regent University.  He teaches several bible study sessions and leads ministry outreach campaigns in his local church assembly in Hampton Roads, VA.  The father of three has two boys of his own but several neighborhood boys visit his home to hang out with “Mr. Tyrone”. He desires to start a mentoring program for young men and a share-group for encouraging men his age to walk in faith, service and love.  Heirs of This Family is just the start of his BIGGER ME vision.


Cute Nikki in GreenQuaWanna Bannarbie grew up in Americus, Georgia with her mother and two younger sisters.  She is a wife, mother, sister, and friend who loves worship, writing, spending time with family, wearing her hair natural and maintaining her backyard vegetable garden.  She’s known among friends as a social butterfly, faithful intercessor and will warm a heart with a song and a smile.  She’s called “Q” or “Nikki” by family members or friends.  She delights in being called Professor by her students.  Nikki Kissing the Sunflower

She serves on the Founding Board of Directors of Leadership LINKS Inc., a non-profit organization led by military veterans.  She is actively involved in her local ministry praise team and Christian Education Department at Covenant Community Church.  She feels blessed to work from home as an adjunct professor with Indiana Wesleyan University teaching Non-profit Management in the School of Service and Leadership.  Her work from home status allows for a routine around her family and not a family around her routine.  Nikki and Joshua in SunflowersQuaWanna Graduation with Tyrone

She enjoys volunteer time in her community and with her children’s school.  Her favorite scripture is Jeremiah 29:11.  Purple and blue are her favorite colors.  Her superpower is finding things that are temporarily misplaced.  Yoga is her favorite way to maintain her health and DO IT YOURSELF gifts and projects are her favorite wasys to waste time. She wishes she had more time to read but fits it in as often as she can. She believes in love and prayer.  These two skills she works to perfect every day as she undoubtedly believes that she is loved by the best, Jesus First and Tyrone Dane Bannarbie! Nikki and Dane

Short term goals are to publish and tour the country speaking. In addition to raising a family together, they are raising the standard in each other to release every gift God has deposited in them to HIS GLORY before the curtain falls.  Thanks for joining us on the journey.  Stay tuned!