Day 7 – Family Ways to Consecrate for 21 Days #DanielFast2018

Hello Productive Heirs!

It is Sunday and if you began your consecration with your family on Sunday of last week (we started midnight the morning of Sunday, 07JAN2018) then we are well on our way to Week 2. YES, YES, YES! Are you feeling good? You should be. Has God answered your petitions during this first week? I am sure HE has opened your eyes and your heart unlike you ever imagined. Our God can blow our minds when we set apart time for HIM.

If you are just joining us, I want to remind you why I am making these post each day.

Over the course of this consecration, I venture to share with you unique ways that my husband and I have involved our children and other family members in consecration. Young and old participate even at the tender age of 2 years old. No family member should be left out of the power ignition that comes from time set apart for the LORD. To consecrate simply means that we can expect God to perform miracles and divine work as a result of our separating ourselves for HIS GLORY.

The 5 ways we observe consecration include:

1). Devotional Readings in the Morning

2). Faith Sight Words – A study of vocabulary that defines our faith

3). Introducing recipes of plant-based ingredients new to my family

4). Corporate Prayer and Confessions of faith

5). Storytime – Sharing books on prayer, testimonies, and heroes in bible days and today.

You can read my initial post on why we consecrate and how I developed these ways to consecrate as a family, here.

So, let us go forward into Warrior Week 2. Shall we? But of course.

Morning Devotion

Read 2 Samuel 6:12-23

This story of King David dancing before the Lord has always been one that stood out among the pages of the scripture for me. David loved to be in the presence of the Lord. And he learned what it meant to reverence the presence of the Lord after “the anger of the Lord burned against Uzzah, and God struck him there for his irreverence.” (2 Samuel 6:7) During this encounter with the bringing of the ark to the tabernacle, David revived his heart from the wrong kind of fear and demonstrated before the people of Israel how to reverence God with praise, worship, and sacrifice. His speech to his wife, Michal, is an example of how we bring honor where honor is due (Romans 13:17). When we humble ourselves, we rightfully place the honor and renown where it belongs.

Today’s Faith Sight Word

GLORY. Careful, today’s word just might stir up a praise in your heart. SMILE. That is the way I feel any time I hear or say the word, “glory”. When I asked my husband how he would describe this word, he replied, “glory is the expression of God revealed in His people and all He has created. We are His Glory.” Expressions make known our thoughts and feelings. The expression of God makes HIM known. HIS GLORY is whatever makes HIM known. 

Recipe for the Fast

Fruit Salad

– 1 cup of raisins

– 1 can of pineapple tidbits              

– gala apples (diced)

– green grapes (cut in halves)

– red grapes (cut in halves)

– kiwi (sliced)

– fresh mint leaves (chopped) *optional                                        

I tend to make several different versions of fruit salad. (I am a salad specialist. Ask any member of my family or church and they will back me up on that one.) This is just one version that is quite refreshing.


Repeat as many times during the day as you remember it.

The presence of the Lord is here. Wherever I go, Whatever I touch or Whatever I create, I do it to advance the King of Glory.  He is worthy of the honor and I give Him the honor. I proclaim this is the year of the Lord’s favor. I profess my faith to make him known. My works are established and the beauty of the Lord is upon me.


Recommended for ages 6-16 years old

Grace, Gold, and Glory: My Leap of Faith

My daughter is 11 years of age and Gabrielle Douglas is one of her role models. I purchased the book for my daughter but I actually read it first from cover to cover in one day. It is 224 pages but it reads very easily because it is intended for a young audience. I could really hear her voice on every page. I am a resident of Hampton Roads, Virginia. It was pretty cool to read about places that I have been in her book. 

I chose this book for today’s blog post because it is a story of chasing glory, submitting your will and finding that all glory and honor belongs to God. Gabrielle shares an intimate illustration of her road to the 2012 Olympics in London. Her story helps the young reader understand that every leap of faith costs. The price is humility, pain, and courage. What I like about the book is that it doesn’t glamorize what glory looks like. Gabrielle Douglas gives a first-hand account of the ways in which God’s glory is revealed through His children, this story is a good read for you and your growing leaders. Enjoy.

“Glory – when God shares it with us, there’s only one thing we can do: give it right back to Him.” – Gabrielle Douglas

Bonus Tip: For your list of Faith Sight Words, ask your children to share with you the words in the Bible or that they have heard used in Christian dialogue that they don’t readily understand. These words will help you develop your list of words for discussion in next year’s consecration. (See what I did there? I am already getting you thinking about the future. SMILE)

Feel free to share with me your experiences during your consecration in the comments below.

“Heirs Together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.”

This Family is His Family.

Love Your Legacy,

Mrs. Q.