Day 2 – Family Ways to Consecrate for 21 Days

I pray that you are enjoying these posts on FAMILY WAYS TO CONSECRATE FOR 21 DAYS.

All five of these ACTION ITEMS are meant to help you keep your focus on the gains in your consecration.

I am so happy that you decided to join me and my family.

Morning Devotion

Read Joshua 6

Yesterday, we learned that the name Nicodemus means “the people’s victory”. So naturally, the first story in the word of God that comes to my mind about the people’s victory is that of Joshua and the walls of Jericho. (That is my beautiful boy, Joshua, in the header holding the vegetables from our garden.) This story is so inspiring. What happened at Jericho literally teaches us that your praise is your weapon. There is a time to shout and there is a time to be silent but in your silence, work up your praise.Get your praise higher than the wall and it will come tumbling down.

Today’s Faith Sight Word

VICTORY. According to the children, victory is the feeling of a win. You cannot know what you cannot feel. That is key because many people are winning games and achievements but don’t live a life of victory. When you know you have the victory, you rejoice. To rejoice is a choice and that is why the Lord commands us to rejoice so often in his word.

Recipe for the Fast

Lettuce wraps with Black beans and Salsa

4 – large lettuce leaves

1 – can of black beans (drained)

– minced garlic

– prepared Salsa (use your favorite brand)

Mix your black beans, garlic, and salsa in a food processor. Scoop a healthy portion of mixture into the center of the lettuce and roll it up like a burrito. (You can warm the mixture in a saucepan before you distribute to the lettuce if you desire a hot meal.)

Serve the lettuce wraps with corn on the cob and fresh guacamole for a healthy lunch.


Repeat as many times during the day as you remember it.

I am a champion. For the Lord, my God goes with me to fight for me. Jesus, the son of the Living God, has already defeated the grave and my enemies. Though I stumble, I shall not fall. His rod and staff comfort me though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil. I have the victory and I shall shout the victory forever no matter what.


Recommended for ages 5-12 years old

Victory on the Walls: A story of Nehemiah

I am always on the hunt for Christian chapter books for my children. My oldest is a sixth grader who loves to read. This book allows the child reader to imagine themselves in the period of the Bible when Nehemiah is commanded to build for the Lord.

Bonus Tip – Our church was canceled yesterday due to snow and the secondary roads are not clear. My awesome pastor, Harold McPherson, ministered the word on Facebook Live from…wait…an empty church. He preached a message with no one in the room. Let me say that again, he PREACHED a message with no one in the room. Have you ever wanted to do that?

Here is your tip, take the confession and minister it to yourself in a room all alone. Preach to yourself like you are preaching to a congregation. You know why? There are people connected to you. When you win, they win. When you win, your family wins. When you win, it is a win for your community. So PREACH TO YOURSELF. Watch your spirit leap from your voice.

Feel free to share with me your experiences during your consecration in the comments below.

“Heirs Together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.”

This Family is His Family.

Love Your Legacy,

Mrs. Q.