Heirs of This Family

Earlier this year, we celebrated the anniversary of blogging for one year.

I originally named the blog Notes and Commentary.

But now when you visit this site at www.bannarbie633.net, you will still find our notes and commentary but we have changed the name. We wanted to shift the conversations here to valuable information that we find most relevant to living today and that we are most passionate to discuss with you.

From now on, when you come to this site, you will find three solid themes:

We are a family. You teach, give, and minister first to your family.

We belong to a community that serves a Father who loves all of His Children.

We desire to grow His Children to know their purpose and to live productive lives. 

When Tyrone and I married, we chose 1 Peter 3:7 as our key scripture for our wedding announcements. Being Heirs Together - www.bannarbie633.net


Family and what it means to be an heir in the family of God is deeply important to our lives.

We have more we want to share with you on this subject.

You are our family and we call this tribe, Productive Heirs. So welcome to the family.

Offspring Grow. Nurture Success.

QuaWanna “Nikki” Bannarbie