3 Ways Raising Becomers is Entrepreneurial

Have I mentioned before that I work from home? Well, I do.

It is a blessing. I have to keep reminding myself of that.

No matter how much the tasks pile up, it is a blessing to work from home.

On a daily basis, I get to occupy the positions of:

God’s dial up, “send her and she will go” ambassador -or-

My husband’s virtual assistant -or-

Personal stylist to my 6th grade daughter -or-

Chauffeur for the neighborhood children because the bus was late -or-

Blog, vlog, or podcast reviewer for all my social media role models -or-

Brand mastermind for all my BIG IDEAS -or-

The best instructor my students have ever known (which includes my Joshua).


There are days that I want to pull my hair out but mostly I realize I get to do a number of things just because I am a home business entrepreneur. Yes, I AM a home business entrepreneur.

Parents who work from home are home business entrepreneurs.  ALL OF YOU! 

Here are three ways that parents working at home are also entrepreneurs.

1. Work from home parents are underpaid and overworked.

     Nearly every start-up begins without the business owner being able to afford to pay herself although the shepreneur is doing all the work to grow the company. Hello, mothers does this sound familiar? Yes, we work day in and day out investing our souls in developing productive citizens and the reward is happy tears on their graduation days. What should we make of these senseless studies of how much a mother is worth? Let it go. Only heaven will pay me for this job.

2. Raising becomers in the home involves the effective development of valued resources.

     Entrepreneurs are encouraged to create products or services that add value to the community it serves. Well, if that is the simple difference for successful entrepreneurs then the world should be so blessed to have productive wombs. Psalm 127:3 says so. Everyone knows that human resource is the best resource on the planet. No matter the industry, human capital is what improves service or increases profitability. Therefore, mothers and fathers are developing raw to ready, pressing the edit button every day.

3. Parents are responsible for generating success from creative or intellectual ability.

    I don’t think we understand well what God meant when he commanded Adam and Eve in the garden to “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it.” Only part of that was about making babies (which doesn’t take much creative or intellectual ability unless you spice it up!) Our Heavenly Father is an entrepreneur. We are his product and when He spoke in Genesis 1:28 he was saying, “I AM LOOKING FOR A RETURN ON MY INVESTMENT. YOU ARE MADE IN MY IMAGE AND LIKENESS. CONTINUE MY WORK.”

Have you read the Genesis story? Do you see how he set up HIS children for success? Yes. We are to continue the generation by being obedient to his commands. Ultimately, the responsibility for teaching this truth falls on who? You guessed it, the keepers of the home. Ministry starts at home.

Productive Womb

If you are where I have been, you are likely reading this wishing you owned a business, could create something that earns money or had the ability to make an income working from home? You’re probably frustrated watching others in business while you’re raising a family.  I am about to deliver you from that madness and stinking thinking.

I realized that the role of raising becomers is entrepreneurial. I understand that the parenting role means that my responsibility is to equip my children to fill their destiny. That also means that I am raising them to produce and to serve. That is business management. 

I encourage you, work the vision. Right now you may not have a business license, a fancy website, or grossing income RIGHT NOW. But You are an entrepreneur. Your children are prospects of a return on investment. And it is God’s investment. Teach them to mastery. There is something every image-bearer does well because God made them for that purpose. Help them find it and teach them to multiply that mastery. How?

ACTION ITEM: Model it. They learn by watching you. Demonstrate your mastery.
ACTION ITEM: Teach them to share their gifts at an early age.
ACTION ITEM: Expose them to ways to improve upon what they already know through mentors, courses, and accepting opportunities to advance their greatness.
ACTION ITEM: Teach your becomers to know their worth and put a price tag on it.
ACTION ITEM: Exercise prayer with them and show them how to pray for their personal development in the things of God. 

Now get up tomorrow morning and call yourself a business owner and GO TO WORK!

Offspring Grow. Nurture Success.