What is next for you and your family?

The term THE NEXT GENERATION has been around for a long time.  We use it when referring to the young folk, immature ones and the youth.  We’re revisiting the term NEXT GENERATION, still talking about the young people but NOW looking at them as the N. EX. T. GENERATION. 


In generations before us, the heads of the communities continued and passed on the trades of the family because they believed heavily in the wealth of sharing explicit and tacit knowledge with their children.  This knowledge sharing in the form of storytelling and coming of age ceremonies including skills and know-how passed on from generation to generation.  Somehow, we have gotten away from those family carry overs.  But history has shown us that these slightly overshadowed transmissions extend the life and wisdom of our legacy.  It is so needed today.

Each of us are elders with a responsibility to our youth.  We are required to equip them for what is NEXT.


As elders, we need to get back to sharing our knowledge. Knowledge is powerful when it is distributed and resourced.  Sharing what you know generates clarity, concepts, creativity and comfort.  There is comfort in being well informed. 

Do not devalue your experiences or your circumstances.  God wastes nothing in His image bearers.  You are more resourceful than you realize.  Your circumstances are producing.  Every choice you make gives birth to something.  We are lacking in teaching the NEXT GENERATION the great wealth of knowledge and specifically the wealth in knowing God. 


Israel suffered as a result of lack of succession planning.  There were no successors who were knowledgeable of what their fathers knew well.  Due to the long periods of peace in Israel, the generations after Joshua began to mingle with other nations and they didn’t share what they knew of God with those who didn’t know His mighty acts.  As a result, the distinction between His people and the others no longer existed. Generations didn’t know the Lord.

God works through people and speaks to generations through family leaders.  When God is speaking to you, His words are for you, your seed and its generations. 

WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU? You need to provide the N. EX. T. GENERATION to the young believers, young citizens and young parents in your community.  They need you to expose them to what will produce good things in their lives.  They NEED to be  EXPOSED TO the knowledge acquired from previous GENERATIONS and apply that in their lives for producing in their future.

WATER YOUR SEED.  If you have less mature people in your life, they have been planted there because you have water that they need.  Seeds need water, good soil and the sun to grow.  GIVE IT and watch THE SUN multiply the produce. 


Love, Tyrone and QuaWanna Bannarbie