My Write Path: “Now the Time Has Come”-Episode 1

I have a story to tell.


For many years now, I have imagined the idea of a writing career.  I have done research here and there but I had not moved on anything.  Just this past June, I decided to start this blog, Notes and Conversation.  Even the title of the blog took months for me to settle on.  I have pages of notes that I took leading up to settling on the title and I am still not satisfied with what I came up with.  My reason for selecting this title, in particular, was because I am an avid note taker.   In fact, I was looking back over my notes from sermons, meetings, and courses I have attended and I thought of the value and wealth of the content I have just from my observations of someone else’s instruction.  

Researching how to start writing with the intent to publish can be a hindrance.   

No one can fault me for doing my research.  I certainly think I have been giving a great effort at doing my due diligence.  However, the more knowledge I gained about what I should do, the more I didn’t do what I know to do.  In the meantime, the task is really undone.  I wrote the first post about starting because it was important to me to just get started.  I contribute here and there to the blog with posts intermittently published three or four times a month.  June was really my most valiant effort and then July was pretty pitiful.  Then yesterday my sister said something that struck a nerve.  “Why don’t you just blog about your journey because that could help other people?”  My sister is so wise.  And so here I go, telling you my story of My Write Path.

The #1 reason I think there is truth to what my sister said to me is because people are often curious about progression.  We see present status and we quickly question the path.  We all know that there is a process to the progress.  I have attended webinars, followed professional bloggers and bought courses that speak to the ‘how’ of doing what I want to do.  But I realized over the past few days that the main ingredient that was missing in my process is OBEDIENCE.  And the thing that has been killing me before I really got started is UNBELIEF.  I read and heard story after story of the success of Jerry Jenkins, Michael Hyatt, Jackie Bledsoe, Jeff Goins, Theresa Ceniccola and Lacy Boggs.  Crazy thing is their stories hampered the progression of my own.  But then I read John 12:23-26.

Jesus is speaking during the Passover season to the disciples and others about his coming death.  He starts out with these remarkable words, “Now the time has come”.  

Bible language is hard enough to decipher and then Jesus takes the life cycle of a kernel of wheat to make his point. I actually had to go to The Message Bible translation to make it more plainl.  But what really spoke to me in the scripture passage was that Jesus was saying (and I am paraphrasing) that if we hold too tightly to what we know and don’t let ourselves go then we will never see the glory of what surrender can produce.  Furthermore, he says, “if you want to be where I am, you must follow me.”  

I realized that my disobedience was keeping me from being fruitful

Disobedience was also keeping me from my place with God which is “the glory” that Jesus is speaking of in this passage.  We think of glory as heavenly places.  It is.  His Glory is simply in place with God.  Jesus was telling them that if you want to be my disciples then you have to be in place, following.  Jesus did what God was telling him to do.  If Jesus had to follow the Father’s instructions to enter into His glory, what does that say about us?.

Write Because It Is Your Gift to Give Not because Someone Gives You A Chance To Do It

God told me some years ago that I would be writing professionally.  I kept thinking that God was going to do something that was going to bring this “life” about.  I thought I would meet a well known celebrity, work with a writer or be introduced to a publisher.  In fact, those things have happened over the past five years.  But I still didn’t write.    

Why am I telling you the this?  

I probably lost some of you when I went to the scripture reference.  Some influencers say that this is being “too preachy”.  Well for me, the word of God will preach.  For me, the word of God is instruction.  If you are looking for a success path to get from where you are to where you want to be then you are looking for instruction.  I am sharing with you where I found my instructions.

This morning I came across a Journal Entry from 07 FEB 2015.  I read it and I was right back at that day.  I remember this day well.  At the time, I was job searching and frustrated because I really didn’t want to go back to work because I had a 14 month old son at home.  In the midst of filling out time-consuming applications, I took a moment to pray at noon.  That day, I heard these words, “if you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land”.  Now, I admit that I don’t know scripture reference as well as I should  But I knew that was Bible.  I went to my Bible and learned these were the words from Isaiah 1:19.  When I came back to those words this morning, I had to self assess.  I still haven’t done what God said.  And I asked God again what haven’t I been obedient in and God spoke “writing”.  

Well Jon Milligan says not to just tell a story without some action for the reader.  

Here’s What I Want You To Do

  1.  Get StartedYes a plan, recognition of your audience and knowledge of what you are doing is paramount.  Get the information but don’t let that keep you from getting started.  
  1.  Move Along The Path – Movement is just as important as research and getting started.  While I can tell people that I started the blog.  I can’t say that I have been actively in motion on this path.  If you are following me and I stop then you will likely stop too if you are following me.  If we stop anything it should be to stop procrastinating.

Today I will be attending a webinar about self-publishing.  I used to think that that wasn’t for me.  Look how I have limited myself.  Well, I won’t be doing that anymore.  Come back for more as I share with you what I learn from the webinar and why this information is important to my process.  It is going to be important for yours too.

I’m On My Write Path.


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