Starting Here and Now

Enough with the procrastination.  Enough with the dialogue in my head.  I finally said to myself, “Set a goal and GO.”  So TODAY IS THE DAY.  Welcome to Notes And Commentary.  I am QuaWanna Ne’Cole Bannarbie.  I am known by the name Q. Nikki.  I have a big voice and I love to talk.

Can we talk?

I particularly chose to start this blog today for two reasons.  June is my birth month so it is significant to me to give birth to this body of work at the start of June because my beginning was in June.  The second reason is because I accepted a challenge from Michael Hyatt, my virtual mentor, who posted a podcast recently that gave 10 Reasons Every Leader Needs A Blog.  After listening to his podcast, I was encouraged.  There is no time like the present and furthermore, there isn’t another person out there that can share me with the world the way I will.

A dear friend sent me a note that simply stated, “there are people out there that need what you have in you.  You should be writing.”   That was quite a while ago.  In fact, she stopped talking to me about writing because she got tired of me procrastinating.  Another friend recently published a book and mailed a copy for me to review and in her note she wrote, “People know & love you.  The words you speak about this book matter.”  She was talking about her book but that note resonated with me because I know that my words are relevant whether silent, written or spoken even if sometimes I am the only one in the audience.  Many times this is true especially when I am the only one in the audience.  Which brings me to the thought behind the title.

We are taking notes every single day whether we share or write them down.  Something of interest attracts our attention and compels us whether we speak about it or act upon it.   Notes are birthplaces of ideas.  Notes are content builders.  Notes influence and put things in order and motion.  My husband and I have notebooks all over the house that are literally unforeseen treasures.  I thought about how much of those notes from graduate studies and Sunday morning sermons could have actually been a book, blog or talk show if they had not been sitting unused in a notebook, journal or binder.

I am a gifted administrator.  Over the years, my duties have required that I take notes of the conversations taking place in board meetings, military wardrooms, webinars and conference calls.  Nearly all my professional life, I have demonstrated my natural gift to assemble spoken nuggets into worthy documentation.  NAC is a fitting acronym for Notes And Commentary because I believe that I truly have a knack for this.  In some way, form or fashion we have all been taking notes that should have been published somewhere beyond our instructor’s red ink pen or highlighter, our manager’s Post-it® notes or our mother’s refrigerator door.  NOW is the time to get the notes out and put them to work.

So are you ready?  We launch today.  I am excited to be here and I hope I will inspire you to see how worthy your words are of being noticed in this world because we cannot afford to be silent anymore.